ASSIST Regional Map

Members that are not included in a Region are considered State Members and are not represented by a regional board.

If you live or work in a region that does not have an ASSIST chapter or is not assigned to a region, please contact Member Services and ask how you can start a regional chapter in your area.

Regional Meetings Schedule:

Central Texas Region:  4th Tuesday 

North Texas Region:  3rd Wednesday

Alamo Region:  TBD

Rio Grand Valley:  TBD

Gulf Coast Region: 2nd Tuesday

El Paso Region: 4th Wednesday

Alamo Region

Serving the San Antonio area

Central Texas Region

Serving the Austin / Waco area

El Paso Region

Serving the west Texas area

Gulf Coast Region

Serving the Houston metropolitan area


North Texas Region

Serving the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan area

Rio Grande Valley Region

Serving the Brownsville / McAllen area