Past President – Walt Roberts

Walt RobertsWalt Roberts career began in the United State Marine Corps in 1972. Mr. Roberts was an Honor Guard for two Presidents, Nixon and Ford on the West Coast. He also guarded the hospital ward for returning POW’s from Vietnam at Oak Knoll Naval Hospital in Oakland, California. He attended college at the University of San Francisco, trained with the FBI on search and seizure and has successfully provided private security services for the past 37 years.

Some of his additional achievements have been: Embassy Security as a private contractor in Belize City, Belize, Paramaribo Suriname and Tegucigalpa Honduras. He provided 140 security personnel for the Army Corps of Engineers and their contractors during the Katrina disaster. Since Katrina he is always called to support clients during natural disasters or when a State of Emergency declared.

He has belonged to ASSIST for 26 years, ASSIST since 1993 and has retained a seat on the board of Directors since 1996. He is currently in his third term as State President. He has worked in the Texas Legislative process to protect the Security Profession and its interest since he gained his first seat on the Executive Board.