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Gulf Coast Region President and
DPS Liaison – Susan Griswold

Susan Griswold, President for Security Professionals of Texas, has made her life a stand for integrity, honor, and duty. Her commitment to excellence shines through her enthusiastic approach to every task. She strives to continually exceed expectations. This driven and passionate business guru won’t stop or slow down until Security Professionals of Texas is foremost in the field. Susan has been a member of ASSIST since 1991, as well as a Member of TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators). She began working as an administrative assistant for her father’s business, Professional Security Associates, in 1983. During that time she learned the intricate systems that govern business practices, and innovated solutions for a variety of security desires. Since purchasing the company in 1988, she has grown the business exponentially, guiding the newly christened Security Professionals of Texas into uncharted territory. Additionally, she has served as the State Board Member for the Associated Security Services and Investigators of the State of Texas for 20 years.

As a minority business owner, Susan boasts a wide array of clientele. She has extensive experience working with retail settings, corporate campuses, educational institutions, and investigations. She is committed to creating a superior experience, ensuring her clients receive the best possible service regardless of their particular needs.

When she’s not improving the security business one contract at a time, Susan enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, or puzzling her way through a good mystery story. She is a driven businesswoman, a loyal friend, and a sunny source of optimism for every person she encounters!

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