Vice President – Jack Griffin

Jack Griffin is a hard-working family man with a long history of driven excellence in the workplace. With over two decades of experience, he has worked in both law enforcement and the private security sector. As the current North Texas Regional President for ASSIST, he works hard to keep his company on the cutting edge of the industry. He prides himself on providing an exceptional experience to each and every client.

Jack’s background in both law enforcement and the private sector equip him with a unique perspective, enabling fresh and innovative solutions to each security contract. He strives to be a positive-influence and a force for optimistic thinking. Ethically driven, he strives to maintain his calm demeanor and impartiality in every situation.

When he’s not tending to work matters, Jack can be found getting back to his roots, spending quality time with his family and tending to his farm and animals. He enjoys spending time with his four grandsons, teaching them things only a grandfather can

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