By Walt Roberts

One of the factors that constantly effect the security industry are the unlicensed operators and Gypsy’s (Security Officer’s working directly for a client with no licensed company registration).  As we all know, they are not paying sales tax, insurance, payroll taxes, or other costs related to the cost of running a business.  ASSIST and DPS/PSB have worked together for years to either bring them into compliance or shut them down.  Unliscened companies and Gypsy Officers who are not registered and carrying a firearm are arrested, when found.  The other factor we must consider are these companies and officers are the reason our rates remain low throughout the state.

Since ASSIST started overseeing  this program we have noticed the following; in the past few years these illegal officers and companies have lost more (killed in the line of duty) officers than legal companies, when officers are arrested for crimes, many times they are working illegally for a non-licensed operator who does not run criminal backgrounds (this reflects bad on the entire industry) and finally these two items hurt us financially.  Bad PR for the profession always costs and in the long run insurance costs remains high.

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