Where is the Texas DPS Site for Private Security Licensing?

The Private Security pages can be found at:    https://www.dps.texas.gov/rsd/psb/index.htm

Frequently Asked Questions: TOPS

What is TOPS:

Texas Online Private Security  (TOPS) is an online application process and licensing database called Texas Online Private Security (TOPS) that is operated by Texas Department of Public Safety.  TOPS provides application status updates via mail and real time licensing and regulation information.
Website:  https://tops.portal.texas.gov/psp-self-service/login/auth

What is TOPS Used For?

  • Individuals, including owner/manager/partner/shareholders should use the Sign-In process to submit new, renewal, and update applications.
  •  Applicant should login to his/her profile and go to their checklist to upload documents required.
  • The license manager or owner can submit terminations by logging in to the business profile and search the terminated employee and submit the termination date.
  • Search for licencees.
  • Search for all types of training, including continuing education.

How Do I Create a Log-in?

  • Individuals and businesses that have not been licensed by DPS should use the RED buttons to start a new application.
  • Individuals that have not created their password protected account should use the Create New Account link.

What do we do when an applicant has a current license and cannot login?

  • If the employee knows the email address that was used originally than they can click on the forgot password option.
  • If they are not sure which email address is on file then they need to submit a PSB16 (Information change form) so that it can be updated.

Need Additional Information?

The bottom of the TOPS page has links back to DPS web pages that include information on using the TOPS, regulatory information, and programmatic information.