Membership in the Association shall be composed primarily of those licensed by or registered with the state agency charged with licensing and over site of the security industry, those whom have been granted Lifetime Membership.  Those requiring such licensing or registration must be in good standing with the said licensing agency. Voting membership will also be offered to those engaged in a business which manages security services for a public or private entity

Apply for Membership

Did you know you can join ASSIST as an employee member or as an associate member, even as a vendor member? Encourage your company to take an active part in our organization. Ask how you can donate to any upcoming legislating efforts.

New membership packages will be sent out within five to seven days of verified payment to the Member Services Director. Any paid member without a membership ID pin, badge or certificate, please contact the Member Services Director via phone, fax or email.

Voting Members

Individuals and businesses who have a State of Texas license or registration to perform security services in the State of Texas Bureau may apply to become a Regular Member with voting rights.  Annual dues are $195.

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 Associate Members

Management or supervisory personnel employed by a Voting Member may join as a non-voting Associate Member. Annual membership fee for Associates is $25. Complete and return  Associate Member Application by mail.

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 Vendor Members

Vendors who supply services, products and/or equipment to the security services industry may join ASSIST as a non-voting member.  Vendor Member benefits:

  • Managing Security Today Magazine
  • Exclusive Opportunity to Speak at Regional Meetings & Conventions
  • Annual Convention Specials
  • Local Networking Opportunities

Annual membership fee for vendors is $250. Register or Online.  Complete and return Vendor Membership Application form by mail.

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