ASSIST not only fights for security company officers, but it also stands up for the rights of security officers.

During each legislative session we study over 6,000 bills led. We study each line of the bill, every single word. One word can make all the difference. Legislators have also been known to sneak something through in a seemingly innocuous bill. Sometimes the bill may seem OK, but it is amended along the way in the process and the amendment could have devastating effects on private security.

We work with Legislators, often times to help them get elected or re-elected. Once they are elected, we continue to work with them to educate them about the importance to public safety of our profession.

We work with our regulators, The Texas Department of Public Safety and the Private Security Board, to ensure that the board rules reflect the legislative intent of the laws governing private security.

We are a 501c(6) non-profit organization. Your contributions are tax deductible.